Well-Known Designers Who Create More Than Handbags

Most people who bowl are not particularly fashion conscious. Usually, they were a team uniform and they have to wear special bowling shoes so there isn’t a lot of room when it comes to displaying their keen fashion sense. However, this is not entirely true. They can show off a special designer bowling bag as there have been some fashion designers who took a stab at creating these kinds of bags.

1. Burberry

1-200-BowlingBag-10-1There was a time when Burberry was the most popular thing in fashion so it really should come as no surprise that it also made a bowling bag. The company put Burberry on everything possible, but the Burberry bowling bag actually looks pretty good. Not only that, but it looks practical and it can also be used as a regular bag on occasion.





2. Miu Miu

2-200-BowlingBag-10-2Another fashion house that tried its hand at a bowling bag is Miu Miu. Like the Burberry bag, this one also looks as much as possible as a regular day-to-day handbag. However, it does feature a more intricate design and it tends to incorporate certain elements which would suggest that it is, in fact, a bowling bag.





3. Dior

3-200--BowlingBag-10-3Last entry on the list is Dior. This fashionable bowling bag does the opposite of the other two and instead opts for a simple design with very few elements to make it stand out. While this keeping in tune with the design direction of the fashion house, it also makes this bowling bag more accessible to people who are looking for something trendy and practical, but also do not want to show off to others.


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