In the 60s I lived on 57th st and 21 st ave and would have to walk by Jamar everyday to get to Ave M Bowl but hardly ever stopped in there because they had very little action. I remember one day going in there to get out of the rain and saw this kid bowling really well, actually very well, as the years went on he just kept getting better. I bowled him once at Jamar and lost, never bowled him again, to tough, didn’t make any sense to bang heads with George Stillman… Butch

As one person who did make the mistake of bowling George, and he was very young at the time and still learning the game, I will attest to him being awesome, as he matured and kept getting better I never had seen anyone that looked as good as George, as a matter of fact, he looked so good It was unreal… WOW, has Brooklyn and all of New York State produced some of the best bowlers this world has ever known… Butch